Sports and Entertainment

At MDR Mayfair we understand the specific and complicated set of issues that those in the sporting or entertainment worlds can face.

Careers can be lucrative but sometimes short and it can be difficult to get the right advice to achieve your long-term goals and protect your assets for the long term. Numerous high-profile cases demonstrate that, where individuals have been poorly advised, the result can be financial distress, legal issues, tax complications and reputational damage.

Through our team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers, accountants and psychologists, MDR Mayfair seamlessly manages the affairs of global, high profile ambitious families and individuals. Work includes legal and tax issues, immigration, wills, structuring and succession planning, personal security, education, reputation management and post career planning. Whilst we have the capacity to provide a number of these services in-house, we also work very closely with our network of independent third-party advisers and are more than happy to work alongside your existing team.


Our integrated and personal approach, means that our clients position us at the front and center of their affairs, acting as a trusted advisor to secure and nurture everything they are working towards.

Should you work with us we will work with you to create a roadmap for your career and beyond, ensuring you are provided with the professional guidance, advice and support that contributes to achieving your long-term goals and objectives whilst avoiding the potential pitfalls that all too often arise.

Whatever stage your career is at we can ensure you are fully focused on your career knowing that our focus is protecting your interests for the long term.

For an initial consultation, please contact:

Steven Whitley
CEO, Sports and Entertainment
T: +971 (0) 4 526 4617
M: +971 (0) 50 317 2667

Alistair Morgan
MDR Mayfair Group Chief Executive Officer
T: +44 20 3321 7600