Your family’s story. To be continued…

How can a family join the dots that connect its values, its business, its wealth and its members? How can it translate the success that it’s enjoyed up to now into a robust plan for its future prosperity and wellbeing? How can it make sure the fruits of its labours turn out to be a blessing and not a burden?

At MDR Mayfair we believe it’s our job to give our clients the answers to these questions. We know how quickly the dream can unravel. We know how costly the wrong kinds of family relationships can be. Above all, we know how important it is to secure and nurture everything you’ve worked so hard to create.

That’s why from our offices in London, Singapore and Dubai we sit alongside you and offer the advice, structure and strategies that avoid these pitfalls, simplify the way your affairs are handled, safeguard family members and protect your assets for the long-term. It’s why we put a multi-disciplinary and expert team of experienced lawyers, accountants, regulatory experts, psychologists and fiduciaries at your disposal. It’s why whenever we solve the immediate issue, we always look to anticipate and prepare for things that will need addressing in the future by providing an end to end service that protects the family from risk of all kinds now and for the long term.

To achieve this kind of long-term family and business well-being, we focus on four key areas:

Family Continuity

The social fabric of the family is the key to Family Continuity and to dealing with the opportunities and pitfalls of wealth. We introduce tools to help families clarify their objectives, discuss challenges, make decisions and resolve disagreements. This forms a solid base from which they can manage their affairs, shape the terms of their involvement in family businesses, and consider legacy and succession plans.

Risk Mitigation

Our clients are exposed to rapidly evolving risk and regulatory environments. We
actively navigate and mitigate the risks to the family and their assets arising from life events; political risk; regulatory requirements; reputational and privacy issues, and cyber incidents.

Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation

We help optimise the structures through which families own, hold, protect and manage their personal wealth and business assets through multi-jurisdictional structuring and tax planning, establishment and on-going administration of SPVs, trusts and private trust companies (PTCs).

Management and Administration

Acting as a central point of management for the family’s affairs we provide accessible, hands-on administrative support for complex matters including compliance, regulatory and accounting oversight and timely reporting. Shaped and resourced to each client’s specific needs, we ensure that families have the level of flexibility and involvement they desire in the way their affairs are managed.

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