Mr “C”

Mr and Mrs C and their two young daughters live in Eastern Europe. Mr C has amassed a large amount of wealth over a relatively short period and Mrs C is the daughter of a very influential political figure in a country noted for political upheaval. In addition to their personal assets, the family have inherited substantial wealth. They travel frequently and widely, often considering the possibility of relocating, mindful of the instability in their own country.

Given their residency and political connections Mr and Mrs C have found it difficult to establish new banking relationships and to properly structure and manage their assets. The couple are keenly aware of their political exposure and the risk that in the event of a change of regime they may find themselves in a personally precarious position and their assets under attack. For this reason, they were anxious to ensure their own mobility and at the same time, establish robust structures through which they might protect the family’s assets.

Through diligently preparing source of wealth packs, MDR Mayfair have been able to help the family successfully establish investment banking relationships in a number of countries. Following a review of their affairs, we recommended and established a Private Trust Company providing a high level of protection, flexibility and tax efficiency. Both these aspects have proved essential as the position in their home country has become untenable. MDR Mayfair now act as their family office dealing with day to day requirements, assisting the family’s immigration and providing a central point of coordination and communication for their network of professional advisors. This has enabled the family to make the transition to a more hospitable jurisdiction while ensuring their assets are well protected, thereby securing the family’s future.