Advisory Services

We work with families to help them to develop and implement the strategies that they need in order to safeguard the family members and best protect their assets both now and in the future.

Advisory Services


Our experience in dealing with international families means that we are acutely aware of the need for confidential and robust service to ensure that the trustees who are appointed to operate any structures on behalf of our clients comply with their obligations. We can pursue and remove those trustees who do not and therefore ensure that the settlor’s ideas and intentions are pursued.

Advisory boards

We co-ordinate and oversee the governance of our clients’ private wealth structures and their privately owned business interests by assisting with the setting up of a non-executive 'Advisory Board’, the members of which might include key family members and trusted friends. It is also common for external members (such as the family’s lawyer or private banker) to sit on the Advisory Board.

Succession & Family Governance

We help families to articulate and define their aspirations, values and objectives which provide the foundation for sound estate and succession planning, family and business governance and equitable inter-generational wealth transfer.

Strategic Wealth Planning

Our team helps families to identify the risks they may face and work with them to create and deliver the strategic plans that are required to address those risks. These plans may include the creation of a domestic and/or international framework for the ownership and management of their assets and can deploy trusts, foundations, corporate entities and other vehicles to protect our clients’ long-term financial interests and those of their families.

We work with our clients to develop the right balance between the level of control that they wish to retain over the management of their private wealth, and the structures and mechanisms that can be deployed in order to address their succession, asset protection and fiscal requirements.

Family Office Set Up

It can be challenging for a family to establish their own private family office due to the multitude of factors and considerations that need to be taken into account.  We help families by organising and co-ordinating our team of experts, many of whom who have worked in Single Family Offices, to plan and launch their own private family office.

Private Family Office Support Services

Supporting our clients’ existing family offices

We provide a range of bespoke support services to our client families, often where those families have an existing family office whose primary function is to manage the families’ investment assets.

We can act as an 'agent for change' for our client families, helping their existing family offices to drive forward the execution of financial and fiscal strategies (including rationalisation and costs saving regarding structures) as well as serving as a business 'tool' for their family offices.

Wealth Structure and Family Office Appraisals

Over time a family’s holding structure evolves in response to their activities, changes in legislation and advice from their professional advisers. The result can be that simple and straightforward arrangements can evolve into a complex, interwoven web of entities which may, or may not, continue to protect the best interests of the family and their assets. Worse still, the structures may not retain their legal and fiscal integrity, thereby exposing the family to significant risks.

We support families and work collaboratively with their family offices and trustees by conducting independent reviews of their asset holding structures. The outcome of our review will be a series of recommendations that we can then help to implement following discussions with our clients and their trustees.

Private Trust Company Services

We have assisted client families with the incorporation of trust and corporate structures as part of their strategic wealth planning advice.

In certain situations, we accept appointments to act as the directors of our clients’ Private Trust Companies and Special Purpose Vehicles, in order to enable us to provide ongoing strategic and management advice to our clients’ wealth structures.

We do not offer fiduciary services through a licensed trust company, nor do we offer corporate administration services (such as registered office facilities).

Transactional support

We regularly co-ordinate transactions in all corners of the world on behalf of our client families, providing a single point of instruction, advice and reporting to them. These projects typically involve us managing law firms, accountants and other advisers in multiple jurisdictions in a cost-efficient manner.